From each sojourn we donate five euros to The Place of Wonders Foundation, which we established in 2022, to further enhance the territorial heritage of ancient trades and crafts so that through the funding of scholarships and grants these can be passed on to future generations. This is a commitment that we are sharing with educational institutes, schools and academies of excellence in Florence, Venice and other cities of art in Italy. Together we are committed to promoting and defending this illustrious social, cultural and artistic heritage of inestimable value.


It gives us great pleasure to include our guests in this worthy project by offering them the opportunity to pay exclusive visits to historic workshops that endeavour to keep these local crafts and traditions alive.

All donations collected will be entirely conveyed to The Place of Wonders Foundation through which worthy Italian students who wish to learn these unique and traditional crafts under the expert guidance of the glass-bead artisan Alessia Fuga and the “Impiraressa” Marisa Convento in their Murano workshops will receive scholarships.

Environmental Sustainability

Following the environmentally sustainable Zero-Waste-Hotel protocol, the Londra Palace Hotel is committed to adopting the best sustainable practices in contemporary hospitality.

We believe that a cleaner world is a resource for everyone and that each of us should become an agent of change towards sustainability. For this reason, our entire staff works daily to minimize the environmental impact of our hotel as much as possible. We select local products, limit the use of plastic and single-use packaging as much as possible, and avoid any form of water and energy waste.

The outcomes of this daily pursuit endeavour to achieve measurable reductions of all waste, through the implementation of separated waste collection, water and energy consumption monitoring and reduction, whilst also lowering CO₂ production.

Over the past year, we have reduced our waste production by approximately 25% and have established effective recycling processes to ensure everything recyclable is processed accordingly. In 2023, the Londra Palace reduced its CO₂ emissions by 10% due to electricity, water, gas consumption, and waste production. In absolute terms, this reduction amounted to 59,000 kg of CO₂, equivalent to planting approximately 738 trees.


Cultural Authenticity

In addition to promoting respect for the regional culture and traditions by incorporating local, conventional elements in its décor and design, our hotel provides our guests with unforgettable time-honoured experiences.

Community Involvement

We work closely with the local community to organise events, exhibitions or activities that involve and support the area’s residents.



By being attentive to their uniqueness, we are committed to offering each guest authentic, top-quality and personalised service.

Cooperation with Local Suppliers

Through cooperation with local producers and suppliers for the goods and services needed for the operation of the hotel we support the local economy.

Education and Understanding

Through designing unforgettable and tailor-made experiences for each of our guests, we love being able to accompany them in their discovery of our local history, culture and traditions.