La Route du bonheur

If a journey is a source of wonder and discovery but above all emotion, then the Routes du Bonheur of Relais & Châteaux are its best expression. These are unique travel itineraries which invite you to discover the area’s most authentic aspects by meeting its most passionate ambassadors: the Chef and the Maître de Maison, who are ready to share its secrets and flavours, and their knowledge of the places most dear to them, with their guests.

Relais & Châteaux originally grew out of a Route du Bonheur: in 1954, an association of eight French hoteliers and restaurateurs were gathered together thanks to the perspicacity and passion of a married couple, Marcel and Nelly Tilloy. These two pioneers had the idea of inviting the owners of another 7 charming properties which were located, like them, alongside the road by the legendary Blue Train line, which linked Paris with the French Riviera, to join forces and accommodate the most discerning travellers.

Together, the eight owners of these outposts of charm, good taste and excellent cuisine devised the first gastronomic route which, by connecting their properties, allowed the guests to discover the area’s produce and traditions at every stop. Today there are 113 Routes du Bonheur in which Relais & Chateaux has selected and connected the most charming and romantic properties in Europe and the world.

BMW is the official partner of the Route du Bonheur initiative. We share with them a passion for travelling by road, seeing in it a unique opportunity for learning, through real, direct contact with the true spirit and most exciting stories of each country and region.

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