The bar opens at 10:30 for ordering a variety of coffees (such as americano, the excellent espresso or a triple-layer latte). The leaf teas are particularly outstanding: there are 15 varieties. During the summer, iced teas are available, such as mint or lemon. The mint tea is of the Moroccan tradition (brewed for hours) and the lemon is prepared using only fresh, natural fruit. During the autumn and winter, you can savour hot chocolate, prepared with the highest quality ingredients using, and improving, the old recipe in playwright Carlo Goldoni‘s writings: Dutch cocoa and 75% chocolate infused with water and a tiny bit of skimmed milk, accompanied by fresh cream, whipped daily, served with classic Venetian homemade biscuits prepared in the Londrabar Pastry shop.

As for snacks, a classic bar menu is available from 11.30 in the morning until 10.30 at night. For all its simplicity, this includes some excellent snacks, such as the Club Sandwich with Salsa Do Leoni. There are also salads and pasta dishes, such as tagliolini with tomato and basil made with fresh pasta, or a meat lasagne with all its traditional flavour. To finish, there is homemade ice cream and our version of the fantastic tiramisu.

The focus is also on quality products and where possible local produce for “good drinking”. Marino is opposed to the use of syrups and liquid sugar. He prepares the “sour” using freshly squeezed lemon or lime and granulated sugar, preferably white cane sugar. Customers especially love his fruit cocktails: his “Bellini Londrabar” with white peaches, which is only prepared from May to September, has become famous in Venice. As an alternative, he also prepares the Rossini with strawberries or the “Romantic Passion” with passion fruit. The cocktail and long drinks menu also contains excellent crushed cocktails or “pestati”, like the “Londrabar Mojito” and the Caipirinha, or Martini Cocktails with a fantastic selection of Gins and Vodkas and their relative Vermouths. There are numerous varieties of Spritz and the classic Gin & Tonic with as many as 35 different Gins and 8 different tonics. In addition, there are a wide selection of spirits, such as grappas (24), whiskies (40) and brandy. Those who prefer a glass of good wine can choose from 6 whites, 6 reds, two proseccos, champagne, pink champagne, port or wines to savour and much more from our attentive.

There are also are a good selection of beers available, Italian and foreign, including a top-fermented line produced by a small brewery. However, according to Marino Lucchetti, besides experience, professionalism and quality, to make a good cocktail (and a good coffee), and to guess the tastes of the guests, the ingredients most needed are passion, smiles and courtesy. Characteristics which are shared by the other members of the Londrabar staff.