What we think

The hotel is part of our guests’ journey. It’s an emotional experience, an integral part of the visitor’s itinerary. It’s the setting for his memories and will live on, stronger than ever, in his tales.

It’s vital that we make this a unique experience, satisfying every guest’s desire for beauty; this might be a room with a particular atmosphere, a picturesque view or a personal dream. It’s a made to measure menu. Our mission is made easier by our building’s location: on the Riva degli Schiavoni in Venice, in front of the beautiful San Marco Basin and a short walk from Piazza San Marco, the centre of the city’s history and culture.

But the small number of rooms also helps: only 53. Our size allows us to have a close relationship with our customers, creating an empathy which makes it easier for us to meet their needs. We are pleased when we hear our guests say they feel pampered and almost part of the family at the Hotel Londra Palace, and when we notice them choosing our property every time they come back to Venice.