Our staff

Who directs the “orchestra” at the Hotel Londra Palace? Who are the “soloists” in each sector? What are the secrets of its harmony?

Alain Bullo is the “conductor“, the one assigning the tasks to the various sections (reception, rooms, kitchen, bar), directing the pace of the work and transmitting his aims, values and sense of hospitality to the staff, so that the “ensemble sound” is one of perfect harmony. His instruments for this are the simplest ones, like the smile. He has been familiar with this building since childhood and has witnessed its development: his father, a Venetian and a concierge at the Londra Palace for over fifty years, and his mother, a Frenchwoman, met in this hotel.

Stefania has been one of the pillars of the Londra Palace since 2000, but is still always thrilled when, accompanying guests to their rooms, she sees the wonder in their eyes on seeing the views of the lagoon for the first time. Her career in the world of tourism (hotels and travel agencies) – has given her a fantastic problem-solving capacity. Together with the hotel manager, she is in charge of the management’s annual planning.

The contagious sunny disposition and sympathetic nature of Alessandra has been permeating the Hotel Londra Palace’s atmosphere for fourteen years. Her Front Office work demands the skills of understanding, courtesy, patience and empathy with guests as they book their rooms. It is indeed booking which is one of the most skilled moments, requiring understanding of the guests’ requirements, meeting them, and making their stay in our hotel unique. What does she like doing? Dealing with clients, chatting with them, getting to know their points of view, their tastes and their customs, and managing to make them happy. Her job is therefore perfect for her.

Giuliana is our hotel’s “resident angel“. Housekeeper at the Hotel Londra Palace for eight years, hers is the task of making sure that order and cleanliness reign throughout the hotel and also to ensure the colours, fragrances and small details are all in harmony, supporting the beauty of the overall vision and our guests’ comfort. As part of this mission she also coordinates the floor staff, the inspections and the maintenance. What does she like doing? Remembering the details, the preferences of those guests who choose to stay at the Londra Palace again when they come to Venice (for example, what kind of pillow they like or what kind of fabric they prefer for the sheets). She also choosing the colours and fragrances of the flowers for the room decorations, which are all different.

There is nothing that Alvise does not like about his job, which he does with passion and dedication. It is no surprise to find that he has been wearing the emblem of the International Union of Hotel Concierges “Les Clefs d’Or” on his jacket for twenty years and that he is the treasurer of the Italian Union. A native of Venice, a city which has no secrets from him, he arrived at the Londra Palace in 2002, with ten years’ experience as a porter. His quiet, patient and serene disposition keeps him calm even when faced with unexpected events, to which responds with all his skill and creativity. As regards suggestions for our guests, he is a mine of information.

Quality, authenticity, pragmatism and harmony: these are the essential ingredients of Loris‘s cuisine. Our Chef has been managing to amaze even the most demanding of the Do Leoni ‘s guests for almost ten years, offering unforgettable dinners. A native of Friuli, with the strong gastronomic heritage of his region, he is fascinated by the flavours of the lagoon and its traditions. He is able to reinterpret these creatively without losing sight of the authentic flavours. Cooking has been a passion since he was a child: homemade pasta, which he made with his mother, is still one of his greatest pleasures, as is making ice cream.

That the Hotel Londra Palace’s Londrabar is an unmissable stop for those checking out the cocktails in Venice, and is also a unique tasting experience, is due mainly to its head barman Marino. An associate member of A.I.B.E.S. since 1996 (the Italian Society for Bartenders and Sponsors) and an I.B.A. Barman since 2007, he is known for the elegance and style with which he presents classical and contemporary reinterpretations of traditional cocktails. He is also known for his own original mixtures, the result of his creative flair and of his long career in London and in the most prestigious Italian 5 Star hotels. Fascinated by bartenders as a child, he could not understand how they could possibly remember more than three cocktail recipes. Today he knows at least a hundred and smiles fondly at the memory.