Venice with children

Staying at the Hotel Londra Palace with children means the family can effortlessly go out together and discover the most fascinating and symbolic places in the city on foot, thanks to the hotel’s privileged position within walking distance of Piazza San Marco.

Venice is a great place for children, chiefly because the island has no cars and children can run around freely in the narrow streets, campi and gardens. In addition, it is an exciting place to explore, discovering all its particularities, as it is so different from all other cities: the houses on the water, the firemen’s boat, the mysterious porticoes…What’s more, in recent years numerous institutions have arranged a variety of educational activities to occupy youngsters, so they learn about art whilst having fun.

However, this does not mean that Venice is free from danger: it is easy to get lost, for example, and you need to be careful when the children get close to the many canals which flow through the city. You should also note that there are a lot of bridges to cross when you go walking in Venice and this can be tiring with a pushchair. One of the alternatives is to equip yourself with a baby carrier or hipseat, or you can use the water buses to get about – in which case you must close the pushchairs once you have boarded – or use the water taxis. (Ask our concierge for advice). The important thing is to be aware of the city’s characteristics and be prepared.

Here are some proposals we have selected for you for spending leisure time as a family: beautiful outdoor locations which are a feast your eyes when it’s sunny and spaces to play in when it rains.

The gondola ride

The gondola ride with the family is an experience the children will never forget. However, it can also be fun to simply cross from one bank to the other using the gondolas which provide this service; they are located in various parts of the city, such as the Rialto, San Silvestro Market, San Samuele and Santa Sofia. For a gondola ride, ask our concierge for advice.

Discover the islands
The pastel colours of the houses of Burano, the artistic, seemingly magical, work of the master Murano glass makers and the legends of Torcello are certain to amaze children who have never before been to the most visited of Venice’s islands. To learn more, see the itinerary “The most famous islands” .

Playing in the campi
Venetian children also meet up to play in the open spaces of the campi.

On the beach at the Lido
In summer, the beaches of the Venice Lido, which feature a gradually sloping seabed, allow children to bathe in safety, and are popular with families.

Although there might not appear to be any gardens in Venice, there are several, some hidden, some not. Among the best known are the beautiful, broad gardens of the Biennale and of Sant'Elena, a 10 to 15 minutes' walk from our hotel. However, amongst the hidden ones, there is one to be found just around the corner from our hotel, within the complex of the Istituto provinciale per l’Infanzia Santa Maria della Pietà. This is the prestigious hospital in which Antonio Vivaldi held the post of Violin, Choir and Concert Master from 1703 to 1740. The garden is home to the educational workshop "Giardino della Pietà" which consists of activities for children divided according to age and specific interests. As a rule, it is open from July to September but is also available for children's parties.

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Gondola, gardens, beaches, campi or islands?

If it rains, or if you want to learn about Venice’s unique and precious historic and artistic heritage together, as a family, without boring the children, we advise you to visit the dedicated sections for workshops and educational activities on the official sites of the museums and institutions, which you will find in our Museums section. In particular, we suggest you take a look at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection‘s frequent, creative workshops, aimed at children and families, called “Kids Day” (in the photos of this itinerary).

However, Venice also has some interesting bookshops just for children - such as the  Biblioteca Pedagogica Lorenzo Bettini, a library which is very close to the Hotel Londra Palace, being just across the Campo San Zaccaria. Alternatively, there are also places where you can leave your children to play in safe hands - such as the Casa Macchietta in the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, 5 minutes from the hotel - to enjoy a few hours of freedom.

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Learning and discovering whilst having fun in the museums and bookshops

Overnight stays in the hotel are free for children up to and including 6 years of age. We offer services such as cots, high chairs and babysitting so that our guest families can enjoy an unforgettable experience with us (ask our concierge).

Our Do Leoni Restaurant offers a special children’s menu.

The Hotel Londra Palace is part of the Kid Pass network, the trademark of quality for families; please consult the website for an update of events and activities for families in the city.