Getting around in Venice

The best way to discover and get to know the city of Venice is on foot. Wander the streets and happen upon beautiful views of the lagoon. Discover where famous historical figures lived. Admire the unusual structures of the buildings and homes unchanged by time. Savour the everyday life of this unique world location.

Or, if you have a definite goal, you can try to follow a map, perhaps using the city’s campi (squares) for reference. From the Hotel Londra Palace the most important monuments in the Serenissima’s history – such as Piazza San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, the Civic Museums and the Bridge of Sighs – are only 3 minutes away. But in general, all the places of interest are reachable within a maximum of 20-30 minutes on foot, from any point in the city. If you prefer to travel by water, there are various choices.

The public transport services of Venice’s historic centre are the ACTV company’s water buses which connect the city’s most important places. They are more expensive than normal bus lines (for non-residents), but there are various reductions for families, young people, the elderly and the disabled, or if you buy a day ticket rather than one for each journey. You will find most of the information HERE.

However, the quickest and most convenient method (but also the most expensive) is the water taxi. These speedboats are recognizable by the license number printed on a yellow band at the height of the window.

If you only need to cross from one bank of the Grand Canal to the other, and you are a long way from the four bridges which cross it (Calatrava, Scalzi, Rialto and Accademia), you can use what are known as “traghetti“: these are gondolas designed for this ferry service which are used a lot by the Venetians but very little by the tourists. You travel standing up because the crossing only takes a few minutes. The traghetti stations are located at Santa Sofia, San Marcuola, Riva del Carbon, San Tomà, San Barnaba and Santa Maria del Giglio. They run according to various schedules and cost very little.

The gondola ride is the romantic dream par excellence in everyone’s imagination the world over. There is no better way than this to discover Venice from the water; from the canals, great and small, as you pass under their bridges. Unhurried, silent and intimate, perhaps accompanied by musicians serenading you. The gondola is the symbol of the city and an integral part of its history: created as a private vehicle for the nobility, it was used for travel, for the pleasure of being transported by water, for finding “fresh air” on warm summer nights and also for showing off your finery and conversing with the passengers of nearby gondolas.

Finally, among the alternatives for getting to know Venice by water, the Hotel Londra Palace offers its guests the opportunity to have a comfortable private boat at their disposal to enjoy the unmissable “Grand Canal Experience“. However, for this and for other more detailed information about public transport, please make use of our concierge‘s experience.